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As everyone makes it to Dice's childhood house that he used to live in with his family before he moved to Diceville, they parked inside the garage and walked out of the vehicle and inside, Dice's mom and dad helped carrying the luggage. Dice walked to his old bed room and sees a new queen sized bed had been replaced from his old one with colorful sheets on top and night sky pillow covers, but he still has his dice nic nacs games on the shelves and dresser and photos of his latest victories, he looked at them and felt quite happy to be back home for a while "Mom had to redecorate the room for you just in case you ever come visit!" Vincent said which startled Dice a bit "Uhh, yeah...She did a great job on it. Vincent, can I ask you something?" he asked "Ask away brother! I have all the time I needed...*sits on Dice's bed*" "Well, there's this guy I met at the airport and he gave me this invitation to go to the dice game tournament at the casino which is on grandpa's birthday and such, can you take my place in the tournament, your a good gamer aren't you?" "Well, I think I can...But my skills are a bit rusty ever since and....*brushes his mohawk hair with hand* I don't think they will allow me to enter from my looks, why can't Dice Jr. enter?" "Because you have to be at juvenile stage or older to enter, I think the casino is too much for the little guy..." then Vincent paused for a moment and spoke "I may not have told anybody this but...I kind of took him there...But it was only one time! The casino had a hoard full of babes and I couldn't help myself! They where so hot!" "Oh dear, hope our parents hadn't heard about it *looks outside of his room to see if anybody was eves dropping and comes back in* hope that little tucker has forgotten by now..." Dice said "Yeah. Alright, I'm in, but we split the fortune 50/50 got it bub?" "Fine...As long as you win it..." both shakes hands. As it gets dark out, Dice's mom starts cooking dinner while dad is out and about, Dice and his five brothers are in the living room watching comedy shows, all of them can smell the delicious food and are getting hungry just thinking about it "Is it done yet mom?" Dots said "Almost sweetie..." she said "I remember that one time where Ocho almost ate the entire turkey on Thanks Giving last year, including the cranberry sauces and the stuffing! Hahahaaa!!! I was dyeing of laugher when I saw that little tummy fat on him! *falls out of the couch and continues to laugh*" Vincent said "Dude, it was medical condition, I had to go back to fitness school just to lose some of it! You know how long it took me to lose 20 pounds?" Ocho said "Don't worry Ocho, as long as you lost all of that fat, your fine..." Dice said "Yeah, until he eats the entire cow on the way to the farm! Ahahahahaaa!!!" "Dinner's ready boys!" Dice's mom said and the five rushed to the table and waited for the food to come to them. "Hey Dice, where's Fate and Serious?" "Oh they're napping right now from the long trip to here, I'll go wake them up" he said and walks to his bed room where the boys are sleeping, when he turned on the lights, he sees both of them under the covers with a flashlight on and talking about the bet, Fate pops out of the covers "Hey turn the lights off! We're making a bet here..." "Well, my mom made dinner, so...." "Oh I'm in!" Fate ran to the kitchen and sat own but Serious didn't react and stayed on Dice's bed "Is there something the matter Serious?" he said "I'm not hungry right now...I'll just stay here and rest some more..." then Dice senses something that's going on with poor Serious, he sat down next to him and rubbed his back gently "C'mon tell me, what's the problem? Is my family bothering you?" "Well, when I see your family er...Parents of course, I still think of my mom and dad..." "Oh...Your, obnoxious parents? C'mon, even your father is scared of your mom, I can see it in his eyes!" "Yeah well you don't know what its like to have two parents making your life rough as rocks! I've been severely punished from my misbehaviors when I was young! I even have bruises to prove it..." "Serious, I know that your life sucks a lot but you can forget about them right now, my family is your family buddy....Your welcome to stay here when I leave this place and have all of the love you want!*hugs him*" "R-really? Oh thank you so much Dicey! *hugs him super tightly* your the best friend ever!!!" "Ugh! Too...Much...Love...." Serious lets go of him and walks to the kitchen to eat. Next month on the 7th, its almost grandpa's birthday which he'll be coming on the 9th, the family has already bought gifts for him and gifts for the ancestors, Dice's three little brothers were so excited that they're jumping around on their beds in their PJs, but Dice is still thinking about the dice competition but he knows Vincent has got his back. To be continued.....      

Hope Vincent knows what he's doing.

Vivere-Sectam Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's so nice that he's willing to share his family
And Vincent definitely has this tornement practically won already
Wolf-Rizer Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

:rofl: I guess you should of consulted with the Magic Eight Ball before stuffing yourself with stuffing.

CPtheLunarGoat Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ocho: It was a medical condition...:(
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